Date Received05/23/2013
Responses with Offer to Supply06/07/2013
Rebuttal to Responses with Offer to Supply06/13/2013
Projected Completion Date07/08/2013
Company NameGDLSK for PCA Textiles
Certain Warp Stretch Woven Nylon/Rayon/Spandex Fabric

HTS: 5516.22.0040 or 5516.23.0040

Fiber Content: Rayon (67-80%), Nylon (15-35%), Spandex (2-6%)

Yarn Configuration:
Warp: Nylon filament combined with
spandex filament
Filling: Rayon staple

Yarn Denier: Nylon and Spandex of various deniers

Width: 56-60" (142-153 cm)

Weight: 220-315 grams per square meter

Thread Count (Density): 76-110 ends per inch (Warp) X 70-90 picks per inch (Filling); (30-44 ends per cm (Warp) X 27-36 picks per cm (Filling))

Weave Type: Twill Weave

Finishing Processes: Airjet Dyed
Quantity Requested
Fabric, Fiber, or Yarn?Fabric
ContactDybczak- Maria
File Number179.2013.05.23.Fabric.GDLSKforPCATextiles
Commercial Availability Request:

Commercial Availability Request_ Warp Stretch Woven Rayon Nylon Spandex Fabric-v 2.pdf


Rebuttals to Responses:

Meeting Notice:

Determination: Approved – Add product to Annex 3.25

FR - Approval GDLSK for PCA - NylonRayonSpandex fabric - May 2013.pdf