Date Received07/06/2007
Responses with Offer to Supply07/20/2007
Rebuttal to Responses with Offer to Supply07/26/2007
Projected Completion Date08/17/2007
Company NameST&R for Garan Mfg
ProductCircular Knit Three End Fleece - #1

HTS Subheading: 6001.21

Fiber Content: 70% cotton / 30% polyester

Average Yarn Number:

Face yarn - 100% combed cotton; 50/1 to 57/1 metric (30/1 to 34/1)

Tie yarn -100% filament polyester, 179 metric/ 48 filaments; (50 denier / 48 filaments)

Fleece yarn - 60% combed cotton/40% polyester; 18/1 to 20/1 metric (9/1 to 12/1)


Weight: 271 to 300 grams per square meter (8.0 to 8.85 ounces per square yard)

Width: 152 to 183 centimeters (60 to 72 inches)

Finish: (Piece) dyed; printed

In addition, technical back must be heavily napped to produce a fabric thickness of not less than 4.5 millimeters, including the napped pile. Additionally, a portion of the fabric is brushed on the technical face to produce a sueded hand and appearance and a portion is treated with a stain release finish. Finally, the following performance criteria must be satisfied:

Vertical and horizontal shrinkage must be less than 5%
Torque may not exceed 4%
All fabrics must have a Class 1 flammability rating
For optimum fabric integrity and stitch definition, this
fabric must be knit on machines whose number of
yarn feeds is a multiple of 3.
Quantity Requested453,597 kilograms
Fabric, Fiber, or Yarn?Fabric
ContactDybczak- Maria
File Number25.2007.07.06.Fabric.ST&RforGaranMfg
Commercial Availability Request:

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Determination: Approved (Not Commercially Available and add to Annex 3.25)