Date Received05/15/2009
Responses with Offer to Supply06/01/2009
Rebuttal to Responses with Offer to Supply06/05/2009
Projected Completion Date06/29/2009
Company NameSS&A for Cintas Corp.
ProductStriped Oxford - #3

HTS Subheading: 5513.39.01.15

Fiber Content: 64% to 67% polyester; 33% to 36% cotton

Yarn size, warp: Vortex spun 35/1 to 39/1: 64% to 67% polyester; 33% to 36% cotton

Yarn size, filling: Ring spun 17/1 to 19/1: 64% to 67% polyester; 33% to 36% cotton

Thread count: 39 to 43 ends x 20 to 22 picks per centimenter

Weave type: Oxford (Note: two ends weaving as one alternate with one end weaving as one; i.e. every other end is taped)

Fabric Weight: 149 to 164 grams per square meter

Fabric Width: 156 to 170 centimeters, cuttable

Coloration: Yarn dyed warp stripe, natural filling

Finishing Processes: Moisture management, pre-cure permanent press finish, 10% mechanical stretch in filling direction
Quantity Requested83,400 to 92,200 square meters
Fabric, Fiber, or Yarn?Fabric
File Number122.2009.05.15.Fabric.SS&AforCintasCorp
Commercial Availability Request:

Cintas - Striped Oxford - Public - 05.15.09.pdfCintas Signed Due Diligence Certificate - 05.15.09.pdfCintas Letter of Withdrawal - Striped Oxford - 05.29.09.pdfCintas Withdrawal Due Diligence Certification - 05.29.09.pdf


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