Textiles and Apparel

Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA)


The Berry Amendment

Federal Supply Classes

The Federal Supply Classification's (FSC) Groups and Classes, also referred to as Product and Service Codes, have been developed for use in classifying items of supply identified under the Federal Cataloguing Program.

The FSC is a commodity classification designed to serve the functions of supply and is sufficiently comprehensive in scope to permit the classification of all items of personal property. In order to accomplish this, groups and classes have been estabished for the universe of commodities, with emphasis on the items known to be in the supply systems of the Federal Government.

The DFARS Procedures, Guides and Information (PGI) states very clearly that with regard to textile end products and clothing, FSC codes are "examples, not all-inclusive".

The FSC is available on the Defense Logistics Agency website under Publications.