The following documents are contained on the OTEXA CD-ROM
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    • Major Shippers--Imports by categories, part-categories, merge categories and countries of origin, for major suppliers. Information by calendar year and the most recent 12 months, with percent change calculations. "Major Shippers" reports are also included for 9802(807) trade, the NAFTA, U.S. Possessions, Trade Preference Programs and the FTA.
    • TQs--U.S. General Imports of textiles and apparel products by country, textile category, and Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Number. The TQs provide the current month's data, as well as annual totals for the two previous years, year-to-date totals for the current and previous years, and the latest three months' and previous year's year-ending totals. The TQ data show imports in units of quantity for each category, i.e., kilograms, square meters, dozens and numbers, and in U.S. dollars (Customs value). Data is shown by HTS, and by textile category for the agreement categories, the silk agreement categories, and by HTS for other "non-category" textile and apparel products. The data is stored in dBase format. Software is provided for viewing and searching. The TQ data also provides annual data by category HTS line item starting with 1989.

    • U.S. Exports of Schedule B Items- Similar type of reports to TQs above, but using Schedule B codes and U.S. Exports data.
    • Trade Balance Report--Provides cumulative and calendar year imports and exports and calculates the trade balance with the world and with selected trade partners.
    • Correlation--This publication presents the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States Annotated numbers, under each of the cotton, wool, man-made fiber, silk blends and other vegetable fiber categories used by the United States in monitoring imports of these textile products in the administration of the bilateral agreements.
    • Export Market Report--Textile and apparel exports in dollars by product groupings and by country of destination. Figures for calendar year, year-to-date, and year-ending periods.