Import Administration
Welded Carbon Steel Pipe and Tube from Thailand (A-549-502)

Scope Description:

The products covered by this administrative review are certain welded carbon steel pipes and tubes from Thailand. The subject merchandise has an outside diameter of 0.375 inches or more, but not exceeding 16 inches. These products, which are commonly referred to in the industry as "standard pipe" or "structural tubing," are hereinafter designated as "pipe and tube." The merchandise is classifiable under the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) item numbers 7306.30.1000, 7306.30.5025, 7306.30.5032, 7306.30.5040, 7306.30.5055, 7306.30.5085 and 7306.30.5090. Although the HTS subheadings are provided for convenience and Customs purposes, our written description of the scope of the order remains dispositive.

British Standard (BS) light pipe 1387/67, Class A-1 was found to be within the scope of the order per remand (see Notice of Scope Rulings; 58 FR 27542, May 10, 1993.