Import Administration
Fresh & Chilled Atlantic Salmon from Norway (C-403-802)

Scope Description:

The product covered by this review is the species Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) marketed as specified herein. This review excludes all other species of salmon: Danube salmon, Chinook (also called "king" or "quinnat"), Coho ("silver"), Sockeye ("redfish" or "blueback"), Humpback ("pink"), and Chum ("dog"). Atlantic salmon is a whole or nearly-whole fish, typically (but not necessarily) marketed gutted, bled, and cleaned, with the head on. The subject merchandise is typically packed in fresh-water ice ("chilled"). Excluded from the subject merchandise are fillets, steaks, and other cuts of Atlantic salmon. Also excluded are frozen, canned, smoked or otherwise processed Atlantic salmon. Atlantic salmon is currently provided for under HTS subheading 0302.12.0003. Prior to January 1, 1990, Atlantic salmon was provided for under the following HTS subheadings 0302.12.0060 and 0302.12.0065. The HTS sub-headings are provided for convenience and customs purpose. The written description reamins dispositive.