Import Administration
Carbon Steel Butt-Weld Pipe Fittings from People's Republic of China (A-570-814)

Scope Description:

Carbon steel butt-weld pipe fittings, having an inside diameter of less than 14 inches, imported in either finished or unfinished form. These formed or forged pipe fittings are used to join sections in piping systems where conditions require permanent, welded connections, as distinguished from fittings based on other fastening methods (e.g., threaded, grooved, or bolted fittings). Carbon steel butt-weld pipe fittings are currently classified under subheading 7307.93.30 of the HTS.

Anticircumvention Rulings Completed Between January 1, 1994 and March
Affirmative determination on the circumvention of the order by adding value in Thailand (modifying pipe fittings to ``finished'' from ``unfinished'' status) after importation from the People's Republic of China--3/25/94.

Scope Rulings Completed Between October 1, 2009, and December 31, 2009:
Requestor: King Architectural Metals (``King''); King's pipe fittings for structural use in handrails and fencing are within the scope of the antidumping duty order; October 20, 2009.