Import Administration
Calcium Hypochlorite from People's Republic Of China (A-570-008)

Scope Description:

The product covered by this order is calcium hypochlorite, regardless of form (e.g., powder, tablet (compressed), crystalline (granular), or in liquid solution), whether or not blended with other materials, containing at least 10 percent available chlorine measured by actual weight. The scope also includes bleaching powder and hemibasic calcium hypochlorite.
Calcium hypochlorite has the general chemical formulation Ca(OCl)2, but may also be sold in a more dilute form as bleaching powder with the chemical formulation, Ca(OCl)2.CaCl2.Ca(OH)2.2H2O or hemibasic calcium hypochlorite with the chemical formula of 2Ca(OCl)2.Ca(OH)2 or Ca(OCl)2.0.5Ca(OH)2. Calcium hypochlorite has a Chemical Abstract Service (“CAS”) registry number of 7778-54-3, and a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) Pesticide Code (“PC”) Number of 014701. The subject calcium hypochlorite has an International Maritime Dangerous Goods (“IMDG”) code of Class 5.1 UN 1748, 2880, or 2208 or Class 5.1/8 UN 3485, 3486, or 3487.
Calcium hypochlorite is currently classifiable under the subheading 2828.10.0000 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (“HTSUS”). The subheading covers commercial calcium hypochlorite and other calcium hypochlorite. When tableted or blended with other materials, calcium hypochlorite may be entered under other tariff classifications, such as 3808.94.5000 and 3808.99.9500, which cover disinfectants and similar products. While the HTSUS subheadings, the CAS registry number, the U.S. EPA PC number, and the IMDG codes are provided for convenience and customs purposes, the written description of the scope of this order is dispositive.