Defense Industry Equipment - (DFN)
OrganizationDate of Certification
1AFCEA International12/20/2002 11:50:28 AM
2Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc.03/31/2008 09:51:11 AM
3Boeing Company and its Alteon and Continental Data Graphics subsidiaries06/03/2004 04:27:02 PM
4Cookson America Inc12/13/2007 09:55:57 AM
5DRS Technologies, Inc.07/21/2008 04:57:15 PM
6Esterline Corporation02/23/2004 04:52:13 PM
7General Dynamics Corporate Headquarters (excluding subsidiaries)07/31/2009 03:32:14 PM
8ITT Corporation04/17/2008 09:51:45 AM
9Meggitt-USA, Inc./The Whittaker Corporation01/02/2007 09:24:39 PM
10Moog Inc.09/01/2004 10:26:28 AM
11Northrop Grumman Corporation11/15/2002 07:39:02 PM
12PreScreen America, Inc.01/03/2003 12:24:13 PM
13Raytheon Company07/22/2002 01:39:33 PM
14Select Personnel Investigations LLP12/19/2005 12:39:27 PM
15ViaSat, Inc.06/30/2008 03:51:38 PM