Financial Services - (FNS)
OrganizationDate of Certification
30Global Payment Information Exchange, Inc.08/29/2008 01:44:20 PM
31Global Vantedge, subsidiary of Aegis Communications Group, Inc.06/26/2007 01:54:12 PM
32Globe Tax Services Inc04/26/2004 02:56:28 PM
33GMAC, Inc., including direct and indirect subsidiaries
(formerly GMAC LLC, including direct and indirect subsidiaries)
07/10/2007 03:04:31 PM
34Greenwich Associates08/25/2008 03:55:18 PM
35Hewlett-Packard Company and its following U.S. subsidiaries 'HP"): Hewlett-Packard Financial Services Company ; EYP Mission-Critical Facilities, Inc.,
Electronic Data Systems, LLC; and Hewlett-Packard Puerto Rico B.V.
01/23/2001 08:27:08 PM
36Huron Consulting Group01/15/2008 04:57:46 PM
37IdenTrust Services, LLC04/09/2007 02:28:50 PM
38Initiate Systems, Inc.06/29/2005 08:28:31 PM
39Innovative Systems12/13/2006 04:01:35 PM
40Intelligent Discovery Solutions, Inc.07/02/2009 02:24:55 PM
41iPayables, Inc.06/22/2006 07:01:09 PM
42IST Management Services04/16/2008 04:45:52 PM
43Longhorn Enterprises, Inc.03/28/2006 11:16:12 AM
44Mondschein Associates, Inc.03/24/2006 05:57:09 PM
45MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc.10/17/2001 03:34:44 PM
46Moody's Corporation and its U.S. subsidiaries06/12/2008 09:17:57 AM
47Patersons HR & Payroll Solutions 12/14/2007 12:10:27 PM
48PayrollAmerica05/25/2005 03:02:48 PM
49Penncro Associates, Inc10/16/2008 03:20:53 PM
50Perimeter eSecurity07/30/2008 12:19:27 PM
51PRG-Schultz USA, Inc.07/28/2009 02:59:19 PM
52Qittitut Consulting LLC10/10/2007 09:58:51 AM
53Regulatory DataCorp Inc.02/26/2003 11:59:14 AM
54Residential Funding Company, LLC and its controlled U.S. Subsidiaries01/27/2005 12:30:09 AM
55Resources Global Professionals08/08/2008 10:42:43 AM
56Retail Decisions, Inc.12/24/2002 07:34:43 AM
57RIA Envia, Inc. and its United States subsidiaries10/23/2006 04:45:49 PM
58RMS02/19/2009 03:35:58 PM
59Robbins-Gioia, Incorporated12/09/2008 11:36:46 AM