Medical Equipment - (MED)
OrganizationDate of Certification
20Edwards Lifesciences05/16/2002 07:23:47 PM
21Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.11/19/2004 11:52:18 AM
22Ethicon Inc's U.S. divisions ( Ethicon Products, J&J Wound Management, Closure Medical Corporation, Ethicon's Women's Health and Urology, Ethicon LLC)12/09/2004 11:55:01 AM
23Hospira12/13/2007 01:39:55 PM
24Inverness Medical Innovations, Inc.07/21/2009 10:00:04 AM
25Johnson & Johnson and its wholly owned subsidiary,
Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.
03/07/2005 05:10:29 PM
26Johnson & Johnson Gateway, LLC02/05/2009 11:31:34 AM
27Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc.08/06/2008 10:59:30 AM
28Kinetic Concepts, Inc.10/17/2008 01:22:23 PM
29LifeScan, Inc. , and its wholly-owned subsidiaries:
Children with Diabetes, Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute and SymCare
11/15/2004 06:03:58 PM
30MED Institute, Inc.08/16/2005 01:21:23 PM
31MONITORFORHIRE.COM07/19/2002 08:38:17 AM
32Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Inc.02/05/2009 09:00:27 AM
33Ortho Clinical Diagnostics., and its U.S. subsidiaries, including Veridex, LLC and Therakos, Inc.05/10/2006 02:32:23 PM
34Orthofix Inc04/21/2008 04:34:41 PM
35PALL CORPORATION11/26/2003 09:46:29 AM
36Progressive GaitWays, LLC11/15/2004 01:40:50 PM
37RehabTool.com07/01/2001 01:10:39 AM
38Respironics, Inc.12/06/2005 07:00:32 AM
39ServicePower, Inc.08/04/2009 08:47:06 AM
40Smiths Medical ASD, Inc.04/16/2008 11:44:20 AM
41Smiths Medical MD, Inc.04/16/2008 11:44:48 AM
42Smiths Medical PM, Inc.04/16/2008 11:44:34 AM
43Stereotaxis, Inc.08/06/2007 09:03:55 AM
44St. Jude Medical04/06/2009 12:32:46 PM
45Sunrise Medical Inc. and Sunrise Medical HHG, Inc.02/18/2005 02:41:50 PM
46Varian Medical Systems, Inc.12/16/2002 02:40:50 PM
47Vistakon, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc.06/20/2006 09:14:52 AM
48WELCH ALLYN, INC.10/14/2005 12:50:18 PM
49WorldCare Clinical LLC08/20/2007 01:07:00 PM