Travel & Tourism Services - (TRA)
OrganizationDate of Certification
30Mobility Services International11/08/2007 03:02:18 PM
31Morley Companies, Inc.06/15/2004 06:13:00 PM
32Partnership Travel Consulting, LLC03/20/2002 06:13:30 PM
33Pegasus Solutions, Inc. (and controlled subsidiaries)02/11/2004 04:35:01 PM Incorporated11/20/2006 06:24:22 PM
35Revelex Corporation03/28/2006 10:46:54 AM
36SaintPatricksDay, LLC01/11/2008 09:40:07 AM
37Sea Tow Services International04/11/2005 11:48:41 AM
38SignUp408/22/2003 04:25:04 PM
39SimpleCells, Inc.10/13/2001 09:39:04 AM
40StarCite Inc.08/14/2008 01:46:52 PM
41The Hertz Corporation04/15/2004 05:30:46 PM
42The Walt Disney Company12/12/2006 04:46:51 PM
43Topaz International Ltd03/25/2004 05:20:01 PM
44Travel Guard Group, Inc.06/25/2003 04:03:16 PM
45Travel Incorporated03/08/2006 02:17:17 PM
46Travel Technology Group, LLC06/25/2008 12:51:23 PM
47TravelCLICK, Inc06/29/2007 03:40:59 PM
48Travizon, Inc.03/30/2009 09:54:00 AM
49Trondent Development Corp.03/15/2004 07:06:01 PM
50TRX, Inc.11/22/2002 05:07:58 PM
51USDM.net08/30/2004 06:58:03 PM
52Vici Marketing, LLC.10/08/2001 05:04:22 PM
53Wandrian, Inc.03/24/2004 05:17:53 PM
54Wilke/Thornton, Inc.07/30/2004 03:32:52 PM
55World Access, Inc. and its subsidiaries World Access Service Corp. d/b/a Mondial Assistance USA; Mondial Interactive Company; and Travel Care, Inc.06/26/2009 03:35:50 PM
56World Wide Travel Service, Inc.07/11/2002 12:23:05 PM, Inc.02/01/2001 05:38:46 PM
58WTT, Inc. / (doing business as) RADIUS - the global travel company09/11/2003 10:25:37 AM