Organization Information:

Achilles Information Incorporated, part of Achilles Group Limited
10777 Westheimer, Suite 1100
Houston, Texas 77042-3462
Phone: +1 832 553 5000
Fax: +1 832 553 5099
Contact Information:

Contact Office: Data Controller, Achilles Group Limited
Phone: +44 1235 820813 Fax: +44 1235 821093 Email:

Corporate Officer Information:

Corporate Officer: Rupert Gladstone, Director IT Group
Phone: +44 1235 838077 Fax: +44 1235 821093 Email:

Safe Harbor Information:

Signed up to safe harbor 10/08/2004 10:43:02 AM
Next certification 10/08/2006
EU/EEA Countries From Which Personal Information Is Received: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
Industry Sector: Computer Software - (CSF) General Services - (GSV) Information Services - (INF)
Personal Information Received From the EU: Achilles holds personal information in order to process invoices and maintain the data quality of suppliers' entries in our systems. Contact names and details are also held to enable purchasers to locate the correct individuals within subscribing suppliers.
Privacy Policy Effective: 10 December 2003
Regulated by: Federal Trade Commission
Privacy Programs: None
Verification: In-house
Dispute Resolution: European Union Data Protection Authorities. Achilles recommends anyone dissatisfied with the handling of their request should contact the Information Commissioner (
) and follow the links for 'Making a Complaint'.
Personal Data Covered: On-Line, Off-Line, Manually Processed
Human Resource Data Covered: Yes

Do you agree to cooperate and comply with the European Data Protection Authorities? Yes

Certification Status: Not Current
Compliance Status:

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