General Services - (GSV)
OrganizationDate of Certification
88Hard Rock Cafe International (USA), Inc.12/08/2005 03:50:43 PM
89Harper Global11/30/2005 02:15:27 PM
90Harris Interactive Inc.07/18/2002 05:50:14 PM
91Hay Group Insight02/23/2009 02:39:33 PM
92IDENTIT-E, LLC04/06/2009 09:33:02 AM
93Illuminas Global LLC (formerly Momentum Research Group)11/05/2002 12:09:08 PM
94Independent Purchasing Cooperative, Inc.10/02/2006 03:43:41 PM
95Infocore, Inc.07/22/2005 12:04:28 PM
96Infosurv, Inc.11/21/2006 05:47:13 PM
97Innovative Discovery01/22/2008 11:33:36 AM
98Institute for Management Studies03/28/2007 03:30:52 PM
99Integreon Managed Solutions, Inc.02/11/2009 04:11:40 PM
100InterActive Driving Systems Inc.08/17/2009 02:39:50 PM
101International Group of Accounting Firms03/12/2003 03:21:06 PM
102JK Group, Inc.05/01/2008 09:24:06 AM
103Joost US Inc.10/01/2008 09:30:07 AM
104Kenwood Records Management01/30/2008 05:13:52 PM
105KickApps01/11/2008 09:52:24 AM
106Kiersted Systems, L.P.03/05/2009 01:43:37 PM
107Kirk-Whitney Co. Inc.06/12/2002 10:33:07 AM
108Knowledge Networks, Inc.12/30/2002 06:27:44 PM
109KnowledgeAdvisors03/03/2004 10:22:22 PM
110Koch Industries, Inc. 08/24/2009 04:43:48 PM
111Kodak Imaging Network, Inc.09/05/2001 06:38:12 PM
112Kopy Kween, Inc. dba: SuperiorGlacier02/10/2006 04:20:36 PM
113KPMG LLP12/21/2007 10:58:26 AM
114Law Offices of Palmer, Reifler & Associates, P.A.06/19/2009 04:08:02 PM
115Lexicon Relocation, LLC01/08/2009 10:19:25 AM
116LLE Language Services02/06/2007 11:44:37 AM
117Lore International Institute06/24/2003 06:23:56 PM