OrganizationDate of Certification
146Revion Solutions Inc.08/27/2008 11:50:05 AM
147Rich Products Corporation05/13/2002 11:05:37 AM
148RIDEAU RECOGNITION INC08/08/2005 01:06:30 PM
149SBRF Partners, LLC05/03/2005 05:14:51 PM
150Scarab Consulting (formerly RLS Legal Solutions, LLC)03/16/2007 04:03:03 PM
151Scarborough & Tweed08/11/2008 11:44:15 AM
152Scientific American Inc.01/22/2002 02:35:23 PM
153Sea Tow Services International04/11/2005 11:48:41 AM
154Shearman & Sterling LLP01/30/2007 08:32:48 AM
155SimpleCells, Inc.10/13/2001 09:39:04 AM
156SimulScribe LLC06/11/2009 04:32:40 PM
157Sirota Consulting Corp., Sirota Consulting LLC and Sirota Survey Intelligence,
a trademark of Sirota Consulting LLC
06/04/2002 06:01:42 PM
158Six Sigma Brokers LLC01/06/2004 09:11:20 AM
159Sony BMG Music Entertainment09/14/2007 05:00:16 PM
160STA International01/24/2006 04:10:21 PM
161Sterling Infosystems, Inc. d/b/a Sterling Testing Systems03/02/2006 05:04:15 PM, LLC05/15/2009 03:27:24 PM
163Stroz Friedberg02/13/2008 04:40:17 PM
164Superglued, LLC11/25/2008 03:38:22 PM
165SWN Communications Inc.12/12/2005 04:18:08 PM
166Testing Holdings USA Inc.03/22/2002 03:04:18 PM
167The BMW Group, Inc.07/13/2001 02:26:42 PM
168The Cluen Corporation08/15/2008 04:49:15 PM
169The New York Internet Company09/14/2007 01:52:35 PM
170The Plum Group, Inc.08/18/2005 07:09:06 PM
171TNS Custom Research, Inc., TNS Healthcare, Inc. and the following related trade names: TNS, NFO, TNS NFO, TNS jstreet12/16/2003 10:38:16 PM
172TRGRP, Inc. d/b/a The Roberts Group02/13/2007 09:54:46 AM
173Tribeca Labs06/12/2007 04:43:44 PM
174Ventura Associates, Inc.01/03/2008 04:10:51 PM
175Vistec Lithography, Inc.10/01/2008 09:31:33 AM